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Playing Golf

Golf Instruction

The "Draw" System
Fix your slice in 21 days or you'll be paid $35!

Dr. Bee Epstein-Shepherd
Master Your Mental Game and Play Better Golf! #1 for Mental Golf Results & The Best Kept Secret on Tour - As seen on The Golf Channel!

Mind Training For Golf
A mental training golf instruction site with free tips on golf improvement including relaxation, yips info, confidence and motivation secrets.

Golf Tips and Instruction -
PGA Professional golf instruction web site, featuring free golf tips, articles, "Ask the Pro," and lots more!

Golf Instruction by Paul Wilson
Discover the Perfect Swing You've Always Wanted with Paul Wilson's "Swing Machine Golf".

How To Break 80
Finally, learn the very same technique and strategies that THOUSANDS of others who are breaking 80 on a regular basis use to leave their playing partners saying "I wish I could do that!"

Chuck Evans Golf
Struggling to find your golf game? You've come to the right place!

Golf Tuition Online
Video lessons on various aspects of the golf swing by our P.G.A. Qualified Professionals.

Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide
How to easily get in shape for golf in less than 30 days!

Concept Golf swing instruction
Concept Golf - The world's leading golf swing instruction. Featuring The Perfect Shotmaking System, golf schools, golf tips and golf lessons. The fastest way to great golf.

Probable Golf Instruction
Lower scores by making better choices on the course. New golf technology; more distance.
Applied physics & math to improve golf. Free golf tips based on the latest scientific research.

Geoff Mangum's
Golf's most advanced putting instruction - Use your brain to putt your best!

Golf Instruction - Golf Lessons
Online Golf Instruction including: Perfect Golf Swing, The Short Game, Trouble Shots, Advanced Shot Making, Practice Perfect, The Mental Game and Golf Swing Analysis.

Total Golf
Total Golf Instruction provides you with access to many golf training aids, exercises and drills that can help you improve your overall golf fitness and performance.

Casey Eberting's
Are Golf Schools And Golf Instruction Killing Your Game? The answers to why, and how to avoid this problem, are what this web site is about.

The Little Book Of Golf Secrets
How to Get Down to a 3 Handicap in just Six Short Months!

Golf Help from Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz
Improve your golf game and play better golf!

Get Fit To Golf
Get Fit to Golf is the revolutionary new online golf swing analysis and training program that determines what physical faults are directly effecting your golf swing and helps eliminate them.

Golfers Improving Speed of Play without Sacrificing Good Scores a golfer community dedicated to promoting & developing rules that speed up the pace of play for recreational rounds of golf.

Mr. Golf Etiquette
Confess your golf etiquette infractions and become a better golfer!

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