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Featured June Golf Tip:
The Power Behind Your Golf Swing

You may be surprised how little effort it can take to bring your golf swing to the next level. Consider the following question. What makes a good golf swing? Why do some guys have it while others don't? Well it turns out a big part of the answer comes down to what you do off the golf course. Below are some simple golf tips to follow that are guaranteed to improve your golf swing and drop strokes off your score. They could mean the difference between shooting triple digits or shooting in the 90s or even 80s. When it comes to golf betting, a difference between shooting in the 80's and 90's could mean a lot of money.

1) Warm up and stretch your muscles before you tee off. If you have ever been to a live pro golf event you will notice that the golfers don't just arrive at the course and immediately head to the tee box. Instead they go to the driving range, stretch for awhile and then hit some balls. It is a fact that when your muscles are warmed up they perform better and in turn positively influence your golf swing. So try to arrive at the golf course a few minutes early to loosen up and take a few swings. You'll be glad you did... continue reading

Latest Golf Tips:


Golf Hypnosis Can Put You In The Zone
This was the first time I'd read one about a non-pro golfer using a hypnotist for his golf game.

Modern Golf Drivers - Hitting Farther
A month before our big golf tournament this summer my partner made me go out and buy a modern 460cc driver.

How To Develop More Power In Your Golf Swing
How can you develop more power in your golf swing? This is probably a question that all of us want an answer to.

How To Get Rid Of Tension In Your Golf Swing
I think we have all been there. You are staring down a long par 4 from the tee box. The fairway is lined with trees.
Speed and Break Tips While Putting
As you already know, the act of putting is a series of combined efforts.
Psychology And Pressure In Golf
Because a round of golf takes several hours to complete, there is ample time for the players mental state to have great effect.
To Get Good At Golf You Need Putting Confidence
Putting is the maker or breaker of your game and all it requires is some basic confidence and technique!
The Anatomy Of Slicing The Golf Ball
In order to slice a golf ball you have to strike the golf ball in a manner that will cause a clockwise rotation of the ball.
The Perfect Golf Swing
We all dream of hitting the ball straight and far, landing softly on the green and rolling towards the hole.
Simple Ways to Groove Your Stroke
Golf is a game filled with exasperating contradictions. All golfers understand that the game requires concentration.

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